Brian is a charter captain whose interests include fishing, family, fishing, adventure, fishing and traveling. He enjoys bringing families, fishermen and women, and Lighthouse Seekers out on Lake Superior from his port in Lac La Belle, Michigan.

He wrote many articles for a published newsletter, and eventually began journaling about his family. When he decided to publish a book about raising a large family, his experience and research were already done. It was just a matter of combining it all. His unique book was completed on his 35th wedding anniversary.

His dreams include: cruising the “Great Loop” from Lake Superior down to the Gulf of Mexico via the Mississippi, and up the East coast back to his home port; and taking families out on extended boat trips that include teaching, fishing, and adventuring.

Brian started writing with the intent of documenting some humorous stories of raising a large family in a world with an average 1.8 kids. “How to Raise a Happy Family” evolved from that idea. This book, with stories of daily life from a dad with 15 kids, was written at the tail end of raising his 10 boys and 5 girls. It is not a step-by-step formula on how to raise your family, but contains advice from his point of view while attending “The School of Hard Knocks.”

His focus changed to offering advice when he realized there was very little happiness in most homes and he heard compliments from strangers on his children. Picture a mom and dad sitting in a restaurant with nine kids, the mom with a nursing baby in her arms, the dad with a 1-year-old in his lap and the other seven sitting quietly with hungry bellies. Often an admiring grandma would come up to them and say, “Wow, are these all yours? Congratulations! They are all so well-behaved.”

He says he could not have written this book if he had a small family, because he didn’t know these principles then—and raising happy kids is still a work in progress. Even now, he still makes mistakes, but hopes to help you positively influence the overall happiness in your family so you can enjoy your kids and grandkids on your journey, and help them realize a happier life.