tvNo TV? No, we don’t have one, but I’ve watched enough of it to understand its addictive draw. When we stay at a hotel, the first thing I do is turn on the TV to see what’s on the news. Then I’m drawn in to other programs and can’t get away from it. It takes a concerted effort to go on to something else, even if I realize how un-productive it is. The easiest thing to do at the moment is continue to watch and forget about other things.

Why is this? Their JOB is to get you to stay there and view more and they are very good at it…”stay tuned for…” “coming up next…”
Now, as I sit here and write, in the peace and quiet of out lake “camp,” I think about how happy I am NOT to have the distraction in our daily lives, so I did a search for “What, no TV?”…

…So have you heard of the “Whole30 Diet?” Well, there was a challenge put out there in May of 2011 where someone did a “Kill Your TV:  A 30 day program” It has stats about TV viewing, blogs about killing it and a summary after they ran the program, along with comments from participants.

So read it, and try killing your TV for at least 30 days and maybe forever, and start doing more with your family that has meaning for them.

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