dontHow do you teach your kids?… with the negative don’t do this, don’t do that…always catching them doing what they shouldn’t be, then scolding them in hopes that they don’t do it again.
Did you know there is a better way?
If you’ve been brought up with this type of “training” it’s really hard to do it any other way.
I challenge you to go through an entire day with young ones around, banning the word “don’t” from your vocabulary. Then try for a whole week… you’ll then realize how much you rely on the word and slowly will be able to give praise rather than criticism. Better to show them what to do and show them the right way; then when seeing them do it right, give praise.

Show and teach them patience, love and understanding, let them make mistakes-spill and wipe up their own milk-without making them feel bad about making mistakes. Instead of them growing up thinking mistakes and failure are bad, teach them that mistakes are what we learn from and we all make mistakes.

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