What happens at your house in the evening? Lots of things, but here is a typical evening without any babies around:

It’s 6 pm

Mother, Margie is still at work and I’ll pick her up in 1/2 hour.

Julia just came home from work and is looking for something to eat.

Darz is computing… still doing her virtual schoolwork on her laptop. She’s in her senior year of high school.

Joyce’s fingers are dancing all over the piano as she is practicing, just for fun. She does this every day, several times per day as she takes breaks from her virtual school work.

Stanley is picking away on his Banjo, practicing his lessons from Bob’s School of Music and Internet videos. After a while he puts it down and begins reading a book on his I-pad.

Calvin, looking studious as he is reading a book on his I-pad. He’s done with his virtual school for the day.

Andy is lost in a storybook and is oblivious to all going on around him. Of course there’s no noisy activity happening, but even when there is, he’s zoned out in a book.

Bruce is finally building a model that he got from Santa Claus 3 months ago. Occasionally he asks for help to tighten a screw.

Bruce Making Model 2

I’m preparing supper in the kitchen for the kids so Margie and I can go out to eat with friends.

“Wow,” I think to myself, “how things change as the kids get older.” Bruce, the youngest, is 9 and Julia is 19 and the rest have flown the coop.

Bruce making model


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