Worry is so common and such a crippling thing. Many times Margie and I have been asked how do we do it with so many kids, and running a couple businesses, and taking care of rentals etc…? Well the short answer is… Worry is not a function of how many kids you have, how much pressure your job has, your level of responsibility, nor is it derived from your poor health. It is what you define as a problem in your own mind and how you handle it when a challenge arises. (I like to substitute the word “challenge” with problem).


I know several people that seemingly should have no stress or worries, but yet they are almost always stressed out. It’s as if they create issues out of nothing in order to have something to worry about. Some are relatives that have pointed out to me something that I should be worried about, but I have not even thought of it as a problem!

As an example: They might ask, “How are you going to afford to send all those kids through college?” The implication is they have to go to college and I am obligated to pay for it all and I should be worrying about how I am going to afford it. Well, more than 1/2 of my kids have graduated from HS and five of them chose to go to college and because they wanted to go (it was their own decision, not mine) they found a way to pay for it. We helped, where it was needed, but the point is, they made it happen because they wanted to do it and I never had to worry about it.

The bottom line is, different people worry about different stuff and some people are worriers and some are not.

If you are one of the worrying type, you can change your outlook. There is a good, timeless book on the subject by Dale Carnegie, called How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. Get a copy and live stress free. (I have one that I will loan out)

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