Lately, at our family meeting, we talked about once again having the kids make goals for the summer and beyond, and get them in writing. Right away, Joyce asked if we would like to see her goal list – she had made one already without our prompting, since she had learned the value of setting goals previously. We did this a while ago and had them laminated so they can be reminded about them on a regular basis. It was a good exercise that I wrote about in my book (soon to be published)
Some of our 5 kids at home are open to the idea, but some are a little reluctant, I think because they don’t see any use in doing it. To them it feels like a school assignment with no benefit to them. Now, to get them interested and started on their goals, I need to convince them that it’s a good idea – so, how do I do it?


Here is what I will tell them: Your dreams can become goals and goals become realities –
1. Written goals will help you get what you want
2. They will wipe away boredom
3. They will make the summer more fun when you have something to look forward to making it happen
4. You will have more success than 96% of your peers
5. You will be happier because you have a compelling future
6. Goals can make wishes become reality
7. Goals make our lives more challenging, more interesting, and more fun.

Of course their goals have to be specific, measurable and have time attached to them, oh yes, and be attainable and relevant too. (Make them SMART goals)

What should they have goals about? They should make goals about what they want to do, to see, to have or to become. Do they want to make or build something? What places would they like to see, or go to? Some remote island or stream? Or to make the football or volleyball team? Learn to water ski or catch a certain size or species of fish or swim across the lake?

Making goals is a powerful exercise that’s fundamental to the success of any endeavor

Here’s how I see it: With goals they will always have direction and automatically be energized. When they think about their list they always have something to work on when and will eliminate boredom.

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