Did you know that learning music and how to play a musical instrument actually grows your brain? There have been many studies on this subject and the evidence is conclusive that certain areas of the brain grow and develop more connections, resulting in the brain actually getting larger. The part that controls movement and coordination has been proven to be larger, hearing becomes more astute and the overall IQ has gone up in children who learn an instrument. Kids also have improved planning skills and discipline when they learn and study music.

The list of benefits for musical practice goes on: Less stress because they always have something to turn to for relaxation, they are more alert and perceptive, have better language skills, listen better… all of which add up to a better grades in school and ability to get along with others.

Guitar Lessons PictReduced

Some of the family with Gram on the right and Music Teacher/Musician Bob Fill


We recently had our piano tuned by musician Bob Fill, so immediately afterward, he gave us a group music lesson. We’d been talking about lessons for some of us at our family meetings with the intent to promote the interest/talent of some of the kids, so this was a good way to start. The actual individual lessons start soon. During the lesson he pointed out this fact about brain growth in musicians, so I did some Google research on it and was surprised to find out the facts above and more. Do a search on “brain growth in musicians” to find out more.

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2 Responses to Music Lessons = Smarter Kids

  1. bob fill says:

    …and the number one thing I like best: Music is Fun !!!

  2. bob fill says:

    …and Music is Fun !!!

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