The following is another excerpt from my book How to Raise a Happy Family A Parent’s Guide, written by my son, Andy.

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Playtime and Chores


One memory comes from doing chores. Starting from about 2 years old I put the silverware away after they were washed in the dishwasher. I remember swiping the knives on the counter checking if they were sharp. Even now I look at the marks and laugh. (Mom didn’t actually realize I always sawed the counter at the time.)

The one thing that I remember best would be the times me, Bruce and Stanley would play cars in pans with flour in them. We managed to make quite a mess with the flour. I’m not sure how many moms would be fine with the cleaning up after us because we loved to play in the flour about two or three times a week. This is another of the many things my mom tolerated and simply let me do, and it made me happy.

andy play in flour

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