Andy goofing off while everyone else works

Just before Christmas, we had a couple of parities, one with each side f the family. For both of them, we decided to make cheesy potatoes with both sweet potatoes and red potatoes. It’s a big job feeding our gang, so we each bring some part of the meal… gram-ma brought the ham, someone brought salads, others pop and egg-nog… and on and on.

These pictures show our team effort to get the job done. Not shown is Brucey, who was missing in action with a flue bug. Andy was mostly goofing off with an indoor basketball in the dining room.


Calvin slicing potatoes while being entertained on his ipod.


Dad slicing sweet potatoes


Mom dicing sweet potatoes smaller so they cook faster.


Stanley chopping onions and adding spices.


Joyce peeling sweet potatoes.


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