Family vacation or vacation from family? All of us need a little bit of both – family vacations to connect and bond with everyone and some time away from family to plan, reflect and re-charge for the next onslaught of responsibility.
Margaret and I just returned from a 3 night mini-vacation from family in Chicago while attending a boat show. It was a nice little get-away to recharge and plan for things to come, but it was also a joy for us to come back home to a clean house and see that the kids really do care about their responsibilities.
Last week, at a our family meeting, we informed our 5 teenage kids at home that we would be going for a long weekend so we outlined a few things to get done in our absence:
1. Keep the driveway clean (of snow)
2. Shovel the snow from the roofs of 3 outbuildings
3. Keep up your regular inside chores.

I’m happy to say, everything was done when we got home. Not only that, but the house was cleaner than when we left!
Here’s the way I see it: When you make the family meeting a routine (weekly) and let your kids know what’s expected, they will reward you with their labor.


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