BabyImageFinally, my book is getting close to being published as it’s in the proofing stages and final changes and tweaking.  I’ve given a lot of thought and research to possible titles, and even bought some Google ad-words to find out what words are searched the most. I considered many titlessuch as: (the last one in bold text is my choice)

Raising Kids For Dummies (but most parents don’t want to be called dummies)

Parents Guide to Happy Households

Happy Futures for Kids

Raising Kids: How the old lady who lived in a shoe should have done it

What do Your Kids Need?

This is What Your Kids Need.

Cheaper by the dozen + 3 – What an adventure

Family of Twelve and 1/2 Dozen (counting mom and dad & Duane)

Give ‘Em What They Need, not What They Want. A guide to giving your family a great boost in starting life.

How to Nurture Successful Kids

How to Bring Good Luck to your Family

Inspiring Successful Kids

Inspiring Good Kids

Inspiring Successful Families

Thanks, Mom & Dad

They’ll Thank You Mom and Dad

A handbook on How to Raise Self-Motivated Kids

“15 Kids – How do you do it?”

15 kids – Do you know where they come from?

Healthy Family Relationship, How to Raise Happy Children

Happy Kids, Happy Future, “Parents Guide to Happy Households”, or “How-to Parenting…”

Or “Parents Guide to Happy Households”

Happy Kids, Happy Future

A Parents Guide to Happy Households

How the “Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe” should have done it

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